Memento Mori (Petrichor)


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If you have been looking for a perfume that smells like rain, this oil is for you. A unique fragrance blend inspired by the earthy, fresh smell of petrichor, the scent of rain on dry soil. It smells just like the special moments after a summer storm, when dirt and concrete are warm and wet and there's a faint scent of moss lingering in the air...  If our Cemetery Gates blend is like wandering through the headstones, Memento Mori is like lingering in the crypts.  


Handmade in Small Batches | 8.5 ml Glass Vial | Apricot Oil, Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil | Phthalate Free Fragrances and/or Essential Oils | Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty Free 


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Scent Notes

Top: Ozone, Wet Stone

Middle: Aquatic Notes, Moss

Base: Damp Earth, Cement, Grass

To Use

Apply directly to the skin.

The average application will last 3 to 4 hours but can be reapplied throughout the day depending on your preference. As with all fragrance and essential oils you should patch test with your skin before using and discontinue if irritation occurs.

Our perfume base is made using natural oils. Because they are alcohol free, these scents will not overwhelm your surroundings as oil based perfumes remain closer to the wearer and provide personal fragrance. 



For safety and sanitary reasons, we do not accept returns on perfume oils and fragrance mists. Personal taste in fragrance is subjective so we always suggest that you try any perfume as a sample before purchasing a full size vial if you are unsure. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews

Love this. It really really smells like fresh wet dirt. It reminds me of what a vampire would smell like when they come out of the grave like in true blood lol. I pair it with a vanilla perfume that is waay too sweet. This is perfect for making it more manageable.

Ashley Snow
Summer Staple Scent

Having Memento Mori and Dead Sea have become a summer must have to soothe me as I endure the unforgiving sun lol. Love these scents so much 🌊💀🌧️🪦


I like it it smells like earth

Jennette McCoy

If you told me “hey check this out, it’s smells kind of like wet dirt” I would probably think you were crazy. But when I tell you I am OBSESSED. I love this so much. Get it when it’s back in stock.

i LOVE this one

this smells like a garden after it rains!!!!!! i can detect all the scent notes listed in the description including the cement and dirt! I want to smell like a hedge witch so i am very happy with this perfume. lasts a long time and the label is profesh. i can tell that it won't wear off in my bag.

Ashley Hoop
Not what I expected

Smells a bit like moss and a greenhouse which isn't bad if that's what you're going for, but it's not really petrichor. I don't think I'll be using it