Candle Care


Some Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your New Candles!


  •  We always recommend burning the candle long enough for the melted wax pool to reach the edges of the container. This will not only prevent tunneling but when the wax is fully melted, the scent throw is at it's peak! 
  • Be sure to trim your wick of any black build up before lighting the candle each time! Any smoking is most likely coming from your wick -- clean wicks make for clean burns!
  • Make sure your candle is placed on an even heat resistant surface away from any drafts.
  • We like to use the lids from our candles as base stands for them! This will help to keep your tables and counter tops from being effected by any heat the candle may be creating.
  • Candles should not be burned for longer than 4 hrs at a time.

  • Do not place candles inside decorative glass cases or enclosed lanterns or other small spaces. Doing so traps the heat in a small space and will speed up the melting of the wax. This means the melt pool might become too deep and the wick wont be held in place and may travel to the side of the glass. Blow out the candle, move the wick back to center and allow it to completely cool before relighting.
  • Your candle is done when there is 1 inch of wax or less remaining. Lighting a candle without enough wax in the bottom will result in overheating and glass can shatter under these temps. Burn safely and responsibly!