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we use a proprietary blend of soy, vegetable and mineral wax. this blend allows us to create quality candles that burn cleanly with wonderful fragrance throw!  

we use both essential oils and synthetic fragrance oil in our blends! each has positive aspects, for example FO are often more sustainable to produce, tested for safety and allow us to offer our products at a lower price point. sometimes EO fragrance has the perfect depth or warmth that can not be replicated. *our fragrance oils are always non toxic and phthalate free! because some people have allergies to specific essential oils, we try to note when they are used but always feel free to reach out and double check!

absolutely! not only are they vegan but we are Leaping Bunny certified and committed to being a cruelty free brand.

definitely! with proper care your candles should burn cleanly and evenly. any smoking is most likely coming from your wick -- we recommend that you trim away any buildup before each use.

yes! in a variety of ways-- we encourage you to reuse the jars as storage containers, planters or glassware and our metal lids and candle containers are accepted at most local recycling centers. we also try to use environmentally friendly packaging and often reuse the materials we receive from suppliers whenever possible. 

we get this question almost daily and the answer is -- "as soon as we can!". we are a small business with a small staff and we try to keep up the best that we can. typically we restock candles 2x a week, but we do not have a set schedule right now. creating our handmade candles is a two day process (at least) because they need to be poured, set overnight then cleaned and labeled. Sorry for the delay if your fav is out of stock but most likely it'll be back in a few days! 

we try to include candle samples with outgoing orders as often as possible! but at this time we are not able to accommodate specific scent requests (samples are made in small quantities and we don't always have all the fragrances on hand at all times). we also hold an annual sample size sale that usually happens in feb/march (follow our social media for those announcements!) & we do offer perfume samples for sale so you can try them prior! 

probably not. we do not make custom candles for individuals-- creating scent blends, making labels and testing products takes time and can be costly. for that reason we simply can't make small amounts or take personal requests. we suggest you look for a candle making class in your area where you can experiment with scents and create a specialty item! the same time and costs are needed to create custom scents for a business as well and while we do love working with other brands and collaborating, we simply can not afford to do it as often as we would like. If you think we would make a great team, please feel free to contact us with your idea! but it is not personal if we aren't able to-- it's just not always possible. 

yes and no, if you email us before the package has been processed for shipping we can add an item for you! if we have already created a label though we will not be able to. This is because shipping is calculated at check out based on the size/weight of your box and we have purchased a label based on the existing order. Additional items may not fit in the box so they will need to ship separately. You can reach out but please understand when we are not able to (even if it hasn't shipped yet, it may already be past the point of making changes to your package size requirements). 

we have a couple of seasonal scents and collections -- what you are looking for might be part of one of those collections. currently the classic goth inspired collection is available early spring until supplies last. if you are not sure if we make a product anymore or when it will be available please reach out and we can let you know when you can expect to see it again!

Our Retail Store

Because we process orders on specific days, we may not have that order readily available so you will need to contact us prior to set up a pick up. October is open Tuesday - Saturday 12-7pm and Sunday 12-5pm and you can shop in store for all of our products too!

it is best to email us for any questions about your order. October is our retail store and is technically a separate business from BHCO. for this reason, not all employees of the store can access your order information and may not have the answers. we check email frequently and should be able to answer your question asap this way. 

simply because shipping is a beast! our candles are breakable and a little heavy. we have a pretty reliable way to package them to ensure their safe delivery and throwing in an iron cauldron or quartz point can really throw off that process and may result in damages. at this time it is just too difficult to accommodate all the shipping variations caused by different types of products.