Established in 2011, Burke & Hare Co was one of the first gothic candle brands! Would you believe that when we started, there were no other Ouija Board themed scents or candles on the market? Fueled by our obsession with goth music, graveyards and Morticia Addams -- we wanted candles and fragrances that reflected our (and your) unique tastes! So we made them! For far too long we only had a small window to stock up on spooky themed items -- & Halloween is Everyday. 

Our goal is to create stylish and well crafted gothic candles that smell supernatural.

handmade candles

Since we know our goth babe customers love animals as much as we do, we have made a commitment to consistently donate to local shelters and rescues, to date our Howling Woods Halloween Candle alone has raised $15,350 (!!!) which we have donated to the Humane Society, Friends of the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue, Winston's Wishes and PAWs New England. Plus all products are *certified* vegan and cruelty free!





In 2017 we also opened a store called October! Stocked with our beloved candles, we also brought in as many of our favorite dark artists and creators and hope to continue to build a brand alongside so many other talented independent artists!