Going Forward, Halloween Candles May Not Arrive by 10/31, but that's ok -- because Halloween is Everyday!


Burke & Hare Co was established in 2011 by owner/designer Erica with the goal of creating specialty items of a darker aesthetic without compromising style. We strive to make candles and fragrances that take inspiration from our love of all things dark and dreary. Heavily influenced by our obsession with goth music, graveyards, 80s + 90s fashion and the elegance of Morticia Addams -- we hope to create products that reflect our (and your) unique tastes!  




Having always utilized candles as decorative items both for their light and for their presence, it seemed rare to find scents and imagery specific to these interests. Motivated by the desire to possess beautiful and macabre items -- the Pillar candles and a Scented candle line was created.



In 2017 we also opened a store called October! Stocked with our beloved candles, we also brought in as many of our favorite dark artists and creators and hope to continue to build a brand alongside so many other talented independent artists!