Cemetery (Sweet Grass + Dirt)


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Remember when you would spend hours in the graveyard taking artistic photos? This fragrance captures the essence of walking among the headstones looking for that perfect angle and meaningful shot. We get it. Or maybe you just love the magic of natural scents, either way this blend of grass and earth is simply amazing. It varies slightly from our candle fragrance and features a strong fresh dirt note. 


Handmade in Small Batches | 8.5 ml Glass Vial | Apricot Oil, Coconut Oil,  Rice Bran Oil | Phthalate Free Fragrances and/or Essential Oils | Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty Free 



Scent Notes

Top: Sweet Grass, Ozone

Base: Fresh Dirt


Try Blending with : Altar or Witch's Woods to create unique layers and a custom scent!


To Use

Apply directly to the skin.

The average application will last 3 to 4 hours but can be reapplied throughout the day depending on your preference. As with all fragrance and essential oils you should patch test with your skin before using and discontinue if irritation occurs.

Our perfume base is made using natural oils. Because they are alcohol free, these scents will not overwhelm your surroundings as oil based perfumes remain closer to the wearer and provide personal fragrance. 



For safety and sanitary reasons, we do not accept returns on perfume oils and fragrance mists. Personal taste in fragrance is subjective so we always suggest that you try any perfume as a sample before purchasing a full size vial if you are unsure. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Very Green 💚

I love a realistic grass scent. It smells exactly the way it's supposed to, like green grass and then subtle earth tones.

Ashley Burdette

While I do agree with others who have said that this is quite grass-heavy, I very much enjoy it. It immediately smells of fresh-cut grass then dries down to a more dirty vanillin scent. It's simple but delightful and reminds me of my childhood when i'd sit outside during the warmer months while my father cut the grass. The nostalgia is what hits me with this one and I love it.


Very green scent with grasses and dirt, takes me right to a July morning. Smells as described, lasts about 3 hours on me like it says it will. As someone who loves nature, this is a winner.

Megan Turek
My favorite? If it’s even possible 💗

Maybe my favorite scent from B&H? If it’s even possible to choose one. This candle is heaven, and the perfume roller is no different. My body’s ph brings out the cleaner, brighter notes, and the earthy notes, which are my favorite, fall away a bit, but I put this on and I am instantly breathing deep and calm af. So good.


Smells just like it says it will, exactly what I have been wanting. Thanks!

All Time Favorite

This is my favorite scent ever, it smells like the outdoors just like a fresh lawn. Oil perfumes are more subtle but I don't really need to smell like a cloud of grass. I can smell it on myself and it's delightful. Lasts about three hours like the instructions says on me. I might try this scent in the spray bottle form as well cause I love it so much.