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Mall Goth Kitty Sticker


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Inspired by the glitter winking kitty stickers from the 90s, we created this mall goth version! She loves Hot Topic, wears her love for Type O Negative around her neck and just got her eyebrow pierced because she's ~*EdgY*~ 

Green super glittery sticker is durable, scratch resistant and weatherproof! Measures 3 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide. 


Designed by BHCO | 3h x 2.5w | PET Laminate Sticker with UV Protection 




Sold Out?

This sticker was made for our Black Box Subscribers (February 2021). Any extras are available for purchase for a short period of time only during the month after the subscribers have received their boxes. While we have no plans to restock these special releases once they sell out, we may bring back popular items in the future. 

We will not be able to respond to questions asking for restocks on these items since we do not know if or when they may return. Because we order a specific amount of supplies to create these items, we can not accommodate any special requests or custom orders. Sorry!