Priestess (Peach + Hemp)


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We brought back one of our most popular candles from the Tarot Card Collection, the High Priestess (now renamed to simply Priestess) features vibrant top note of ripe peach and fresh ginger before revealing deeper more enticing earthy chords of black tea, cannab*s and ash wood. This fragrance finds the perfect balance between dark and light.

(we have to add * to that naughty word since some search engines don't like it).

Handmade in Small Batches | Custom Soy Wax Blend | Phthalate Free Fragrances and/or Essential Oils | 100% Vegan | Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty Free

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Scent Notes

Top: Peach, Ginger

Middle: Cannab*s

Base: Patchouli, Black Ash Wood

Size Options

Half Size 9oz Glass Jar (our most popular size) works well in most rooms ( average size) throughout your home. | burn time roughly 45 hrs | 3.5 inches tall/ 3 diameter. does not include gift box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Love this scent, probably one of my favorites by them

Smooth and Satisfying

Easily in my top 5 candles from this site, super mellow and calming.

Nice Scent

This is a nice well blended scent. I like how the spice and earthy scents tame the peach. Shipping was fast.

Alyssa K
Love love love

Love this one, have been waiting since last year for its return! I found myself wishing I had a back up when fall came around. It is so warm and spicy yet fresh at the same time. It would be a lovely addition to the fall/winter collection in my opinion.

Everything they do is Magic!

I have only discovered Burke & Hare in the past couple of years. I would purchase from a shop periodically. Then I discovered I could buy direct, and purchase not only candles, but the most incredible fragrance oils. Amazing company, amazing products. Packaging and attention to detail is elevated among their peers. Ok, High Priestess is exceptional. I have quite a candle collection for various purposes. This is the best peach candle in my collection. The hemp tempers the peach, so it is not too sweet or cloying. It is an authentic peach, you can almost smell the skin when you first slice it open. I wish this were a perfume oil. I currently use Altar, highly recommend. I know your products are not a cheap date, but the quality is well-worth the ticket. The burn time is really good for a smaller candle. The shipping is a killer, so I buy several things at a time. Keep up the wonderful craftsmanship! Thank you!

This candle made me have an out of body experience... Twice

I placed the candle on my nightstand and set its wick ablaze before laying down on my bed. As I laid there, the delicate fumes wafting across my nostrils, I felt a warmth spread across my crotchal region. I had peed myself. Though the sensations were a little unpleasant, I bared it no mind. The only thing I could think about was the sudden vibrations that rolled across my body like waves. As the vibrations built in intensity, I felt as my consciousness slowly peeled itself from its fleshy vessel. I closed my eyes as pressure built in my chest, letting out pained grunts until the pressure burst. I opened my eyes to find myself floating above my bed, looking down at my terrestrial form. My eyes were rolled back into my head and I was shaking violently. The beautiful aroma of peach and cannabis became even more intense. I rose toward the sky, bracing for an impact that never came as I no-clipped through my ceiling and roof. I looked over the neighborhood, it's dark streets radiating a calm silence. Despite being in the open air, the smell of peach still flooded my nose. The vibrations, which had yet to cease, once again rose in intensity. The meager pop of energy that I previously experienced had graduated this time to an explosion. A supernova of energy rocked my consciousness like a boat getting hit by another boat or something similar. The neighborhood around me melted into a technicolored void of swirling mists. The moment I entered this realm I was sent back to my body, the urine now dried into my loincloth. But it couldn't even smell it because the candle was so good.

Great product 10/10