1994 (Citrus + Violet)


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Take a trip down memory lane with our 1990s inspired scented candle. This candle is strongly scented with 90s nostalgia. Bright Citrus notes of lemon, orange rind and bergamot play off of clean florals; freesia and violet giving this fragrance a fresh and green opening perfect for Spring. Grounding base notes of Cedar and Oakmoss round out this irresistible blend creating a balanced unisex fragrance that became an instant classic in 1994.

Opening this candle will instantly bring you back to a moment in time, this perfume was everywhere you wanted to be in the 90s. I personally used the ads as posters on my walls!


Handmade in Small Batches | Custom Soy Wax Blend | Phthalate Free Fragrances and/or Essential Oils | 100% Vegan | Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty Free

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Scent Notes

Top: Lemon, Bergamot, Orange Rind, Papaya

Middle: Freesia, Violet, Orris Root

Base: Green Tea, Cedar, Oakmoss



9oz Glass Jar works well in most rooms throughout your home. | burn time roughly 55 hrs | 3.5 inches tall/ 2.5 diameter.

12oz Glass Jar (limited edition) works well in most rooms throughout your home. | burn time roughly 65 hrs | 5.5 inches tall/ 2.75 diameter.

4oz Black Tin (limited edition) works well in small rooms. | burn time roughly 15 hrs | 1 inch tall/ 3 inch diameter. 



Customer Reviews

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Initially sent wrong order but quickly reshipped and let me keep the other item. Awesome customer service and I love this scent thank you

Find your Weezer CDs you're time traveling

I laughed so hard when I smelled this candle because man they nailed it. I don't know how but they managed to capture the essence of an era in a single candle. It literally brought me back to my first year in LA (94), when I bought my first CDs at Amoeba Music, The Blue Album, Dookie and If I We're a Carpenter (if you haven't heard the Cramberries covering Close to YOU, you're missing out). I'd write more praise but I have to go find my combat boots, mini skirt and flannel shirt.


I didn’t receive my correct order

Billy Partain
So fun!

I started to look to see if I had already written a review of this but stopped because it’s worthy of 2. Totally brings back all the memories I love it so much and have given so many as gifts and everyone loves it! Genius!


Absolutely love this scent. I'm not usually into flowery scents but this has the right amount of sweetness.


This candle immediately transported me back to the 90's. Hard nostalgia in a jar!