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Resurrection Oil (Wild Fire)


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Revive and Shine with our specially formulated hair and body gloss! We chose ingredients that will not only moisturize but add nutrients and help repair your skin and hair.


Organic Abyssinian Oil: this unique oil has a high omega-9 content which repairs, adds luster and protects your skin and hair. It is highly heat resistant which makes it a great oil to use before styling. Quickly absorbed, this oil will not weigh hair down or leave a greasy feel on the skin!

Argan Oil: this oil protects and adds shine to skin and hair because it is rich in omega-9 and also omega-3!

Black Castor Oil: how have we not been bathing in this black beauty long before now? It replenishes, strengthens and has been said to even increase hair growth. The essential fatty acids in this oil will help restore your skin’s natural moisture balance.

Scent: Wild Fire (Wood Smoke + Spice)


 Product Details

To Use: simply apply to your hair or skin as needed. Because of the use of fragrance in this formulation it is not recommended for face. As with all essential oils you should patch test with your skin before using. Discontinue if irritation occurs.

Handmade in Small Batches | Abyssinian Oil, Argan Oil, Black Castor Oil | Phthalate Free Fragrances and/or Essential Oils | Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty Free 
2oz glass bottle with treatment pump

Customer Reviews

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Kimberley Araujo
A probably healthier and definitely less illegal alternative to setting one's sources of frustrat...

This oil is just as effective as the others I've bought here when it comes to maintaining my hair's moisture and making brushing easier. It also makes me smell as if I've been sitting by a wood fire, which I love--especially on days when I feel like torching something! I'm taking a star off (I'd take off only half a star if I could) only because I can't detect any sort of spice when the bottle promises autum spices.

4.5/5 stars

Its a SCENT!

I bought this candle because I typically love the scents of a campfire and overall burning things (I know, weird lol). This scent grabbed my attention. I thought that the "autumn spices" would come through more and have a subtle smokey smell, and that was not the case. This ACTUALLY smells like a campfire. In this oil, the scent smells like you just went camping and spent a lot of time in the smoke. Personally, this isn't for me. I am not sure when I will wear this, maybe in the dead of winter? That said, the oil formula, though? The hydration, though? Excellent! I cannot wait for other scents to come in stock.