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the Big Move







After 10 years in New England, we decided it was time for a change! the Pandemic gave us time to reevaluate our little business and motivated us to plan for the future both in our personal lives and how we want to grow! We decided the best place for a fresh start would be home! So back to the midwest we go! 

When? Where? What about Halloween?!? Believe us, we know! It's not easy to pack up and uhaul an entire business halfway across the country! Especially right before *Spooky Season* - it's been a little stressful, so forgive the website for being sold out right now. We need to travel light, so we sold off all of our available stock throughout July (and besides, candles don't like cross country travel very much). If you have a pending order, don't worry -- everything will ship before we close down!

However, you might experience a bit of a delay in emails -- although we will be checking as often as possible, we might be in the middle of Ohio when you send a question our way. Have you ever driven through Ohio? It's endless. When we come out the other side, we promise to respond!

Halloween plans are in the works, we would never cancel out favorite Holiday! We just may launch it a little later than we normally would. Our goal is 9/1 and we will of course, keep our IG updated with out travels so follow us there!


Talk soon!

xo Erica