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Nature Walk Pillar Candle


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This candle reflects the curious spirit of the mind and our relation with nature and the magic around us. The artwork includes a spider weaving it's complex web next to a flower and a crystal's perfect geometry.


Decorative Pillar Candles are both functional and stylish. Overtime the image will burn down naturally with the wax if used. 



Product Details
Instructions please always used candles responsibly, within sight and away from flammable materials. keep away from children and pets. place candle on a heat resistant and fire safe holder before use. trim wick before lighting each time. 
 Burn Time roughly 75 hours | Unscented Off White Candle | 5.5 inches tall / 3 inch diameter | Cotton Wick | Mineral and Vegetable Wax Blend | 100% Vegan Friendly