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Vinyl (Dragon's Blood Incense)


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Vinyl smells like a record store! This candle features the nostalgic scent of Dragon's Blood, a potent and earthy fragrance that is comprised of red resins and infused with cedar wood and patchouli essential oils. This is a perfect choice if you love incense but don't want to fill the room with the perfumed smoke. This blend of incense is often used in record shops and will remind you of flipping through dusty vinyl bins searching for that perfect copy of whatever your collection has been lacking. 
Handmade in Small Batches | Custom Soy Wax Blend | Phthalate Free Fragrances and/or Essential Oils | 100% Vegan | Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty Free 


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Scent Notes

Top: Cedar Chips

Middle: Vanilla, Incense Smoke

Base: Patchouli, Amber, Red Resin




Size Options

Half Size 9oz Glass Jar (our most popular size) works well in most average size rooms throughout your home. | burn time roughly 45 hrs | 3.5 inches tall/ 3 diameter. does not include gift box.

Full Size 16oz Glass Jar works well in mid-size to large rooms, open concepts or high ceilings or when you just want more scent! | burn time roughly 70 hrs | 4 inches tall/ 3.75 diameter. includes gift box. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Natalie CS
Just like a record store

Smells exactly like the record stores I used to shop at, they always had this incense 🎶 Very strong throw on this one! Filled my whole apartment.

I adore this candle

I love Burke and Hare and have never received a candle I didn't love. I think that Vinyl and Cathedral have to be some of my favorites. I am a sucker for incense scents. This one smells like walking into a record store. I love it.


smells like nostalgia & trips to spooky books & crystals shops!

Strong Scent

This candle is one of the strongest, it really gets going. Definitely has a vintage record store scent, like all the incense they burn in there. Quality candle and arrived safely.


Stupendous as always!

Mary Rath
Always good

I've purchased from you before and love the quality of work. Vinyl is the scent of an elder goth playing their original copy of Bela Lugosi's Dead!